Student Council

Kunal Chawla XII-B Head Boy
Kushboo Panwar XII-A Head Girl
Vipul Aneja XI-C Asstt. Head Boy
Haleema Ather XI-A Asstt. Head Girl
Dhruv Arora XII-A Captain
Sanchit Manchanda XII-A Vice Captain

To make the school organization more effective the school has been divided into four houses which are distinguished from one and other by their respective names and colors. Every student is a member of any one of these houses and all activities are organized through them to infuse healthy competition. These houses are named after the four life sustaining rivers The Ganges, The Yamuna, The Krishna and The Cauvery . Each house is headed by a house master/mistress, assisted by the house captain and prefects.

The Cauvery

Kavita Aggarwal XII-B Captain
Amol Dua XII-A Captain
Taru Jain XI-B Vice Captain
Niharika Gupta XI-D Vice Captain

The Krishna

Aashna Saxena XII-A Captain
Cheeranjeev Sethi XII-B Captain
Atishey Jain XI-B Vice Captain
Prabhleen Kaur XI-A Vice Captain

The Yamuna

Devyansh Bansal XII-A Captain
Ishita Nagar XII-C Captain
Saptak Chatt XI-A Vice Captain
Tanya Tyagi XI-C Vice Captain

The Ganges

Deeksha Arora XII-C Captain
Kshitij Poswal XII-B Captain
Kartik Kapoor XI-A Vice Captain
Mani Yadav XI-A Vice Captain
Nihit Sachdeva XI-A Captain
Anant Aggarwal X-A Vice Captain