Guidelines for Parents

Recommendations To Parents

  • Kindly check the haircut, nails, uniform of your ward in the morning and ensure his / her punctuality
  • Please see that your ward carries text/exercise books according to the Time Table for the day.
  • Student's diary must be brought to school every day.
  • Kindly ensure that your ward is prepared for the tests. Also see his/her Report Card and teacher's remark in his/her exercise book, note books and Almanac & give valuable positive suggestions for improvement.
  • Encourage your ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities and sports.
  • Parents should monitor the progress of their wards on a regular basis.
  • For the regular development of the child, the parents are encouraged to share relevant information including strengths and weaknesses of their ward with the school.
  • If your ward is absent from school, he/she must make up all the work he she has missed on his/her own.
  • All the parents must ensure that their wards must reach the school according to school timings.
  • No student will be allowed to go home, during school hours.
  • Parents are requested to take their wards or give and authorization letter carrying phone no. to the person (other than parent) to take their ward.
  • Parents are not permitted to visit their wards or teachers in class rooms.
  • The school does not accept any responsibility for pupil in the premises before and after regular school hours.
  • Parents are expected to behave decently with the school employees.
  • Remedial classes for the students will be arranged on request from parents.
  • Parents should ensure their ward's regular attendance in the remedial /extra class.
  • On the day of exam/test, early departure after the exam will not be permitted.
  • All note, - books and stationery items should be '2posited with the class teachers on the first day of the session.
  • The note - books will be sent home regularly for review by parents, which should be positively returned on the next day duly signed by the Parent.
  • Maintenance (Paste & cover) of books and notebooks should be taken care of.
  • Most of the co-curricular activities are open to all the students.
  • Parents can clarify about the co-curricular activities with the class teacher.
  • Parents must ensure regularity of their wards to school for effective learning. To make continuous assessment a success, child should avoid being absent for more than one week. In case of any emergency prior information must be given to School.
  • To make learning effective, full co-operation of parents is required. Therefore parents must be in constant touch with teachers by regularly attending PTM.
  • Parents must ensure arrival and departure of children on time. They should not be sent before' school time.
  • Nutritious lunch should be provided & junk food should be avoided.

Guidelines for Parents regarding Safety:

  • Parents are equally responsible for the safety of their children during school Journeys.
  • Parents must play the role of vigilant observers. They should note down violations Committed by school buses and immediately report to the authorities.
  • Parents must participate in Parent Teachers Meetings and discuss the safety aspects of their children.
  • While taking their children to the school themselves, they should take proper care of their safety.
  • Parents must ensure that the children acquire the right knowledge and skills for safe use of roads. They should teach their children the basic rules of the road-how to walk and cross the road, how to alight and board a bus etc.
  • Parents should not allow their minor children to drive.
  • Parents must also ensure that the right attitude for a law abiding citizen is imparted to their children by the family.
  • Children are very good observers and therefore, parents must set an example by meticulously observing even small traffic rules.

Behavioural Policy

To nurture a happy, caring and safe learning environment and to bring the behavioural improvement in the child and control the discipline, school has decided to implement GREEN, YELLOW and RED cards system for good behaviour and conduct, warning and punishment. This policy is a collective responsibility of all the members of staff, parents and students.

Aims Of The Policy

  • To encourage a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere within the school.
  • To foster positive caring attitudes towards everyone
  • To encourage increasing independence and self - discipline so that each child learns to accept responsibility for his/her own behaviour.
  • To have a consistent approach to behaviour throughout the school with parental co-operation and involvement.
  • To make boundaries of acceptable behaviour clear and to ensure safety.
  • To raise awareness about appropriate behaviour.

Students’ Responsibilities Are:

  • To work to the best of their abilities and allow others to do the same.
  • To follow the protocol (rules) of the school i.e. proper uniform, hair/beard cut/style, timely arrival, punctuality, regularity etc.
  • To treat others with respect.
  • To follow the instructions of the school staff.
  • To take care of school property and the environment in and out of school.
  • To co-operate with other children and adults.
  • To follow the ethics.

Staff Responsibilities Are:

  • To treat all children fairly and in an unbiased manner.
  • To treat children without any prejudice.
  • To use rules and *sanctions clearly and consistently.
  • To be a good role model.
  • To be aware of their (special/additional) needs.
  • To be in touch with parents to make them aware about the child.


  • To check them regularly and warn them.
  • Ask them to follow the rules and stop misbehaving.
  • Discuss incidents with the children involved.
  • Give encouragement to focus on work.
  • *Issue of Green, Yellow and Red card, if need arises.
  • Each card should be dated and signed by the teacher who writes it out.
  • To keep record of issue of card to the child.

The Parents' Responsibilities Are:

  • To acknowledge the card.
  • To make children aware of appropriate behaviour in all situations.
  • To show an interest in all that their child does in school.
  • To foster good relationships with the school.
  • To support the school in the implementation of this policy.
  • To be aware of the school rules and expectations.

Green, Yellow & Red Cards Explained

System of Green, Yellow and Red cards are provided for reward/appreciation of Good behaviour and conduct, warning and punishment against bad conduct / behaviour.


  • Exemplary, Acceptable And Appropriate Behaviour Reward
  • Warning Against Unacceptable Behaviour Or Conduct/breaking School Rules/disobeying Reasonable Requests/instructions From Teacher.
  • Serious, Repeated/persistent Mis-behaviour/unacceptable Behaviour Or Conduct/breaking School Rules Etc.
  • Rules For Issue Of Green, Yellow And Red Cards

Green Card:

If demonstrates exemplary, acceptable and appropriate behaviour:

A child who demonstrates exemplary, acceptable and appropriate behaviour or fantastic learning behaviour and impresses the school staff /head of the institution will receive a GREEN card.

Teacher’s Responsibility:

Encourage / praise / appreciate and motivate the child.

Issue GREEN Card (Appreciation Card) with comments for good conduct and behaviour to the child to encourage other students.

Yellow Card:

  • If behaviour does not improve:
  • Give clear description of desired behaviour.
  • Issue Yellow Card (Warning Card) to the child for misconduct / behaviour / breaking school rules.

Red Card:

  • For *repeated/persistent mis-behaviour/conduct/breaking school rules:
  • Issue Red Card (No Entry Card) for exclusion of the child from school for 2 days.
  • Note: *Repeated/Persistent - Issue of Third Yellow Card
  • For Serious mis- behaviour/conduct
  • Issue Red Card (No Entry Card) under extreme circumstances concerning severe mis-behaviour, exclusion of the child from school for a week.
  • 5% marks deduction in the Final Result from the overall performance for classes III-XI
  • 10% marks deduction in the Final Practical Exam for class XII.

Note: * This is only to be issued and implemented in extreme circumstances. Important: Formal contact to the parent is to be made in case of YELLOW and RED card. BEHAVIOUR PARAMETERS FOR GREEN CARD HOLDER:

  • Respect towards others e.g. school staff, students, elders etc.
  • Respects school property
  • Keeps environment / school campus clean
  • Shows fantastic learning behaviour
  • Demonstrates exemplary behaviour
  • Pushing / running in corridors
  • Disobeying reasonable requests/instructions.
  • Making unacceptable comments
  • Verbal abuse (speaking fowl words)
  • Disruption of learning in the class room
  • Breaking school rules e.g. late arrival, without uniform, long hair/beard, stylish hair/beard cutting etc.
  • Damaging school property
  • Using unfair means during test/exams
  • Making class room and school campus dirty e.g. throwing wrappers, paper bits, aluminium foil/napkin etc.)
  • Shouting / whistling
  • Refusal of duty assigned
  • Deliberately annoying other children e.g. spoiling games, eating tiffin, teasing, calling undesired names etc.

Behaviour Parameters For Red Card Holder

  • *Persistent late arrival
  • *Persistent disobeying reasonable requests/instructions.
  • *Persistent breaking school rules
  • *Repeated disruption of learning
  • Physical Fight / violence : hitting, kicking or punching
  • Being rough / hostile with other children
  • Stealing school / student’s property
  • Deliberately damaging school or other people's property
  • Throwing colours/writing on walls/on clothes
  • Physical abuse to children/adults
  • Leaving school premises without informing Class teacher/Principal
  • Bringing / using mobile phones in the school premises
  • Bullying other children

Library Rules

  • Timing must be utilized by students for using reference books & other reading material for note making during school hours.
  • Library should not be made a gossip center.
  • The students of class IV onward must become the member of School Library, for which they will have to deposit Rs. 10/- to the librarian (as library membership fees) for Library Card. Then only they can borrow books from Library. If the user has lost his/her Library Borrower’s card, then he/ she will have to write an application to the Librarian for issuing duplicate Library Borrower Card for that he/she will have to deposit Rs10 only as fine.
  • The Library Books will be issued to the students for 7 days only; it can be extended for the next 5 days provided another student has not demanded it.
  • The students are advised to return the Library books within the stipulated time period otherwise they will have to pay a fine @ Rs. 0.50 per day.
  • In case the student has lost or damaged the library book, then they will have to pay double of the price of the book along with the fine.