Examinations and Promotions

Class I to VIII and XI have two monthly tests, Half Yearly and Annual Exams, while the CCE pattern is followed in IX and X recommended by CBSE.

Rules for Promotion

  • Class I to V
    A student must obtain 50% in the three major subjects i.e. in English, Hindi and Maths in the year’s average and must have 50% in the aggregate also for promotion to the next class.
  • Class VI to VIII
    A student must obtain 40% in all the subjects and 40% in the aggregate for promotion to the next class.
  • Class IX and X
    The CCE pattern (FA1, FA2, SA1, FA3, FA4, SA2) introduced by CBSE is followed.
  • Class XI
    Students of XI have to clear all the subjects for promotion to the next class. A student must obtain 33% in all the subjects.

Streams at +2

The school offers the Science stream (both medical and non-medical) and commerce at +2. The subjects available are as under. Science Stream English Core Physics Chemistry Maths/Biology Economics/P.E Commerce Stream English Core Economics Business Studies Accountancy Maths/Physical Education

EXAMINATION PROGRAM 2014-15 (Session 2014-2015)
For Classes VI, VII, VIII, XI & XII
Quarterly Examination (of 50 Marks each) Around 20th of July
Half Yearly Examination Around 20th of September.
Pre-Boards of Class XII December
Annual Examination for Class XI Around 20th of February
(Classes for XII will start immediately after annual Examination)
Annual Examination for Classes VI, VII & VIII will be in the month of March
For Classes IX & X
First Formative Assessment (FA-1) April / May
Second Formative Assessment (FA-2) Quarterly Exam. (July/August)
Third Formative Assessment (FA-3) (November/December)
Fourth Formative Assessment (FA-4) (January/February)
First summative Assessment (SA-1) in September with half yearly examination
Second Summative Assessment (SA-2) in March with annual Examination
Exact dates will be intimated while giving the date sheet