There are four spacious, well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computers. The latest apparatus and modern facilities are available in all the labs.

The school library has an extensive collection of reference books, encyclopedias, fiction and nonfiction to interest all age groups. News papers and magazines of educational value are a regular feature of the library.

A sound mind in a sound body is an accepted adage. The school gives a lot of importance to games and sports as to other curricular activities. The school has large play fields, spacious courts for badminton, basket ball etc. and it has the best and latest sports equipment for both indoor and outdoor games/sports.Gymnastics and Yoga are taught to the students by experts. Inter house and inter school competitions are encouraged to develop healthy sportsmanship in the participants.

Due importance is laid on co-curricular activities in an organized manner. There are inter house debates, declamation, quiz, games, various matches, dance and singing competitions. Educational excursions are organized to enrich the students knowledge of our rich and varied culture and history. Besides physical education, the other activities that are very useful are frequently arranged in the school.

We also have provision for smart classes. We believe nothing is better them visual aids. Learning with the help of images has a lasting impression on the minds of the learner.

The latest apparatus and modern facilities are available in all the labs.