School Norms

  • Parents are requested to fill the information about the pupil in their own handwriting.
  • Children must arrive in school before the first bell is rung in the morning.
  • Late comers will not be allowed to enter the school and will be sent back home. If late from home please do not send your ward.
  • A student should be regular to school. If a child has to go home during school hours application must be sent in the morning. Medical appointments should be made after school hours unless required emergency.
  • A student who is irregular may be asked to discontinue. Those who absent themselves for more than ten days without any reason whatsoever will have their names struck off the rolls.
  • Those who absent themselves from school due to illness must send in a medical certificate along with the leave application.
  • A pupil returning to school after suffering from infectious disease should produce a fitness certificate from a doctor not less than M.B.B.S.